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To support your continued use of the Touch, Caring and Cancer Program in your setting, the following resources are available to you:

Research on the program. The full study, "Touch, Caring and Cancer: randomized controlled trial of a multimedia caregiver education program", published in the journal Supportive Care in Cancer, December 2012, is available now as a free download by clicking here.

Online Previews. Online previews in all languages, ranging from 6 to 16 minutes, are easily accessible to share with colleagues, patients or families (click here to view).

Downloadable Previews. If you would like to download and save any of the 6 minute or 16 minute previews, contact William Collinge and he will send you a link to save them to your computer for portability. These are useful for presentations where you may not have time to show the entire DVD but would like a well-structured and complete preview for your audience.

Organizational Discounts. Bulk discount pricing is available for organizations. Click here to download an order form with price list.

Guide for Professionals. A free guide for using the materials can be downloaded here.The Guide includes tips for facilitating use of the Touch, Caring and Cancer Program in support groups, workshops, seminars and retreats. It also includes ideas for fund raising to help make the program available to your patient families.

Research Primer. For those interested in evaluating outcomes from the program, this resource can be downloaded here.

Consultation and Training. If you are planning a program and would like to discuss your ideas feel free to contact William Collinge for feedback or brainstorming. The Touch, Caring and Cancer Program is his passion and he is happy to listen and offer ideas to help you reach your program goals. William also conducts continuing education programs and grand rounds presentations related to training of caregivers in these methods.

Contact for More Information:
William Collinge, PhD, Collinge and Associates
Tel (541)632-3502, Fax (207)510-8060, email william at


The Touch, Caring and Cancer Program was developed with the support of grant #R44CA103606, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health